Saturday, January 8, 2011

If Jesus is Not Lord, Jesus is Not Savior

I hear too many pastors and teachers today talking too much about grace without repentance.  I do understand that as Christians we will sin and I do believe that those sins are all forgiven us, but those promises are premised on us being disciples of Jesus.  I think the real crux of the doctrine of grace without repentance is a backwards or incomplete interpretation of the Gospel.

When we come to Jesus, we come to Jesus as savior and Lord.  We too often forget that.  Jesus will not be our savior if we do not have him as Lord.  Sure we call him Lord, but our those words just empty recitation of a familiar Bible verse or a parroting of something we once heard in church, or do those words represent a belief that is rooted in the depths of our heart.  Perhaps you do really believe that Jesus is Lord, seem to forget that Him being Lord of all means that He is also Lord of you.  And if Jesus is Lord of you, then obedience should be of the utmost importance to you.  How can you call Him Lord if you do not believe in obedience to Him?  Simply, you can't.  If you have no intention of following Him, He is not your Lord.  If He is not your Lord, how can he be your Savior?

The teaching that we need not be concerned about our sin and only worry about how many blessings the Lord can give you is not the Gospel that Paul preached.  It is no gospel at all.  It is a scam that usually makes those teachers a tremendous amount of money.  If your primary concern is in what blessing the Lord can give you and your least concern is how well you are following His commands, then you are following Jesus as Lord.  You are following Jesus as Sugar Daddy where your primary concern is what goodies He can give you.  If Jesus is Lord, then obedience is your primary concern.  Jesus even said that if you loved Him, you would follow His commands.  If you have no concern over obedience to Jesus, then you have no right to say that you love him.   Again, if you love Jesus your primary concern would be your obedience to Him not what He can give you.  If you only love God because of what He gives you then you love His gifts and not Him.

No, we are not saved by works.  We are saved by faith in Jesus as Savior and Lord.  That true faith in Jesus results in our desire to serve and please our Lord.  We will make mistakes and we will not get everything right, but by the grace of God those misdeeds and mistakes are forgiven us.  We also, despite our failures, have that desire to please our Lord and it is why we seek God to sanctify us and continue to make us into the man He is making us into.

In the end, God has many glorious promises for those of us in Christ including the forgiveness of all our sins past present and future, but those promises are premised on us being His disciples.  How do we become his disciples?  First, we must call him Lord and all the rest will follow, but in His strength not our own.
that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. Romans 10:9-10 NKJV

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