Saturday, April 9, 2011

On a Personal Note ... Again

A few weeks ago I posted on what was going on in my life and the things my wife and I were praying about.  God has began to give us direction to where we believe He has told us to begin looking for a house.  We feel that house will be up in central New Jersey and so we have began that process.

Then reality started to set in.  Do I have good enough credit for a mortgage?  I mean my credit is alright but far from stellar.  I made mistakes in the past and while those have been cleared up, effects still linger on the credit report.  I also have an issue with an old student loan from a college I never finished.  That is probably my greatest frustration because I owe twenty thousand dollars for essentially nothing.  I wrecked all that over 20 years ago and the effects of that ripple through my life today.  Then there is the issue of taxes and affordability.   Not to mention that we have two cars and both have over 100,000 miles on them.  Then there is the issue of selling where we live now to have a down payment for a house to come. I look at all of that and I wonder if any of it will be possible.

Then while writing yesterday's post, I had a thought.  More accurately God gave me a thought.  Gideon never felt himself to be a mighty man of valor yet that is what God called him.  God told me to look for a house.  What more do I really need to know? What else really matters?  Does God not know my situation?  Then God reminded me of a story about a man named Peter who ventured out on the water at the beckoning of his Lord.  He stepped out onto the water and so long as he looked at Jesus he was able to literally walk on water.  It was when he focused on the waves that he sank.

For me, the Lord is calling me to look for a house.  The waves are all those circumstances I just listed.  I need to not focus on all that other stuff.  The Lord knows about all of it yet He still called me to look for a house.  I do not know how He will work it out, but it needs to be enough that I know that He will.  I need to keep my focus on the Lord as He leads my wife and I to where He has called us. The waves of the circumstances of our life may crash all around us, but so long as we keep our eyes on the Lord, they won't really matter.

Keep that in mind for your own life.  Keep your eyes on the Lord and He will take you to where He wants you to be.  No matter the circumstances and no matter what things may look like, always understand the the Lord would not  call you somewhere if He would not get you there.
But Jesus looked at them and said, "With men it is impossible, but not with God; for with God all things are possible." Mark 10:27 NKJV

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