Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Gift of No More Mother's Day

I know I have posted on some controversial things in the past, but am I really going to write a post against Mother's Day?  Yes, I am sorry to say that I am.  Well, I am not sorry at all actually because my post is not against mothers, but it is against Mother's Day. 

Mothers are very special people. The Bible tells us we are to honor them.  Without our mothers there would be no us.  In fact, even our Lord needed a mother to be able to truly be born into this world as not only fully God but also fully man.  There is no denying the necessity of mothers and with the exception of Adam and Eve, everyone who ever lived has had one.  Mothers carry us in their wombs where we wreak havoc on their hormones and cause a plethora of symptoms from enhanced smell, morning (noon and night) sickness, mood swings, and more.  Then there are the stretch marks and weight gain.  But they bear those wombs with pride as they know that what is growing inside them is a miracle we like to call "life."  After we are born, we keep them up all night, take our nourishment from them, have our diapers changed by them, and basically do all that we can to be as disruptive as possible to their lives.  Yes despite all we put them through, they shower us with the kind of love that only a mother can.  As we grow older, we put them through demands, temper tantrums, and all round lack of appreciation for all that they do through us.  Yet their love for us never wanes but only grows stronger as the years go by.  Then comes the teen years when we put them through stresses unimaginable and that is for children who do not rebel!  They love us through our years where they naturally grow apart and at some point in time, after all their love, work, and pain, we leave them to begin our own lives. 

That is the plight of a mother. Yet despite all of that, I do not know any mother who would ever say that it was not all worth it.  I do not know any mother who would say that she would not go through it all over again.  In fact, I know many mothers who have had many children, loving them in the good time and bad times, and raising them up into adults ready to take on the world.  I know most mothers would even deny that it was hard and mothers tend to love with an unconditional love. 

So with the unconditional love poured out on us for our entire lives by our mothers, why do we just choose one special day to honor that. When God told us to honor our mothers, He did not mean for us to take one special day and giver her all the honoring she could handle.  He did not mean to have some arbitrary day when we buy her overpriced flowers, make her breakfast in bed, take her out to a crowded restaurant with a limited overpriced menu, and shower her with love.  He means for us to do most of those things, but not for one day but for everyday.  That is why I do not like Mother's Day.  You see, if there is one day designated to shower mom with love, then there are 364 other days with an excuse not to.  If there is one special day to make her breakfast, then there are 364 other days with an excuse not to.  If there is one special day to shower her with love and affection, then there are 364 other days with an excuse not to.  If there is one special day to take her out to dinner or prepare her a special meal, then thee are 364 other days with an excuse not to. 

There should be no Mothers Day because there should be no need for one.  Our mothers deserve our love and respect each and every day.  We should not pick one Sunday to lavish that love on her and then on Monday just go back to normal.  Mothers Day, for the most part, should be the normal.  We should help our mothers with dinner every day. We should make her breakfast whenever we can.  We should tell her we love her with our lives each and every day we are blessed to share this world with them and not once a year in some cheesy card written by someone else.  They do not deserve special treatment one day a year, but every day we can. 

So tomorrow, while the world is celebrating Mothers Day, I urge you not to.  Do no celebrate Mothers Day, but celebrate your mother.  And do not just celebrate her tomorrow, but everyday thereafter.  Do not make tomorrow about some arbitrary day, but about making a commitment to show your mother the love, honor, and appreciations she deserves each and every day.  Give your mothers the greatest gift you can give her.  Give her the gift of no more Mothers Days.  Give her the gift that what the world celebrates tomorrow, we will be celebrating everyday to come.  So whether it be a biological mother, stepmother, foster mother, church mother, or the mother of your children, show them and tell them just how much you love them, and show them that every day.
Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long upon the land which the LORD your God is giving you. Exodus 20:12 NKJV

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