Saturday, May 21, 2011

If The Rapture Really Was Today...

Well, it is May 21 and some believe that the world is going to end about 2 1/2 hours from right now (well right now when I write it, not when you read it). I do not believe that a heretic who has been wrong in the past will get things right today, but I also know that no man knows the day or the hour. For all I know, it can be today. It would be rather ironic for the heretic to be left behind while the true believers are taken in the rapture he predicted. But that is besides the point. With all the news coverage, I started thinking "what if?" I mean what if the rapture really was going to happen today and we had the privilege of knowing it was going to happen.

Knowing the Lord was going to take me home today I would first make sure my unsaved friends and family had one last chance to accept Jesus and if not that at the very least they would understand why I suddenly vanished. I would not worry about Sunday and where I was going to church because Sunday I would be worshiping the Lord face to face and learning about the Word from the Word made flesh. I would not worry about what to have for dinner because my dinner tonight would be the marriage supper of the lamb. I would look at the gold I was selling at eBay and laugh because people are paying so much money for road pavement. I would not worry about Monday because I would be be permanently retired. I would not worry about buying a house because the Lord would be giving me a mansion. I would not worry about judgments because where I am going there would be no such thing. I would not worry about sickness because there would be no such thing in Heaven. I would not worry about bills because any debt that matters in Heaven was already paid by Jesus on the Cross. I would not worry about death because I would be entering eternal life.

Yes, life would be good if the rapture was today. Life would be empty of any kind of any worry and in just a few short hours anything that could have ever have been any kind of problem or stress in my life would be gone from my life forever. I would not even worry about sin because I would be given my new glorified body free from my current flesh's constant desire for sin. But then I think that why should I worry about any of those things anyway. If I am worried about tomorrow, then I am not living in the real expectation that Jesus can come back today. If I am worried about problems in this life then my eyes are not on eternity. You see, maybe it is not today, but there will be a day for all of those in Christ when our problems will be gone because we will be gone. Whether the Lord takes us home before or during the rapture, that life I mentioned earlier is going to be ours. So when life begins to get you down, look ahead to the next life. that is our hope. That is what makes this life bearable. I had a pretty rough week last week, but God has been good at helping me put things in their proper perspective. It really comes down to a choice, we can either worry about the troubles of tomorrow or live in the hope and joy that the Lord may return today. We may not know what day it is, but there will come a day when Jesus says to each of us..
And Jesus said to him, "Assuredly, I say to you, today you will be with Me in Paradise."

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