Saturday, May 14, 2011

Some Say the World Will End on 5/21, I Say Why Wait That Long

Did you ever have one of those weeks?  I did. My long commute was supersized with terrible construction traffic both to and from work.  Working after work with my eBay business was long and late.  Each day there seemed to be something extra to have to do.  Oh, and not to mention $1500.00 is auto repairs, one just to get a sticker on my windshield and another that was poorly done and will have to be redone.  This week I was up at 3:40am and did not stop until I was struggling to stay awake only to do it again the next day.  As for the weekend, well, do not even get me started.

Then there are my usual issues in life.  I am a klutz.  Actually, I am such a klutz that I should have a laugh track following me around.  I have broken things, stained things, tripped over things, dropped things, and that was just on my way to the shower.  I have more clothes on them with grease stains from eating mishaps than without.  And do not even get me started on that time when putting things in the overhead on an airplane and my pants fell down to my ankles. 

As for friends, I have few.  Actually, I have very few and I do not know of any who I would consider to be a good close friend.  That is mostly my fault.  Whether it be the fact that I am a bit socially awkward or my refusal just to say what people want to hear, I have probably aliented more people than I have endeared.  Furthermore, I am not all that interested in talking about sports.  Where I live now, that seems to be the obsession.  Seriously, though, on Easter, I do not care how the Phillies did.  Actually, even though I am a fan, on most any days I generally do not care how they are doing.  I am a huge Giants fan, but for me that means I cheer for them and enjoy watching there games and not much else.  I like to talk about the things of God, and it seems as though there are few who share that interest.  In fact, that is probably why I even write this blog.  With no one to talk about these things, I just kind of write them down and put them out there. 

Am I writing all of this to try and start my own pity party?  That is not the case at all.  I am sure that any one of us can sit down and write down our life's troubles.  Another family in New Jersey this week lost their daughter for five days only to find her body in a bond.  Surely, others have much greater problems than I do.  But to each of us our problems seem much larger than what they really are.  I am not glossing over what we go through, in fact, I really am kind of down today.  When I am down, though, the only thing that will lift me up is thinking about eternity. 

There will come a day (and days like this I look even more forward to it) when the Lord will return.  I will lose this clumsy oversized bag of flesh I carry around day after day and will receive a new and glorious body.  I imagine that Weight Watchers points will not be relevant at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.  That new body will not be clumsy and will never stub its toe. Well, it might, but there is no more pain in Heaven so it will not hurt.  I also imagine that those pure bright white garments are stain resistant, if food prepared by God even stains at all.  There will be no grease stains on our eternal garments.  Traffic will also be a thing of the past as we travel streets of gold and even if there was traffic, with forever to go, there is never any rush.   Did I also mention that there will be no more long commutes because there will be no work.  The butcher will never run out of that hard-to-find meat we need to make a dish we looked forward to making.  There will be no more state inspections. There will be no more expensive auto repairs.  There will be no more shoddy work. There will be no more pain and frustration.  As for friends, we will all love each other with the love of Christ.  We will see each other for who we were all created to be.  Sin will also be gone and so friends will never betray friends. 

What will there be?  A world lighted by the glory of God.  A world with mansions and streets of gold.  A world of glorified bodies that never get sick, grow old, get fat, appear ugly, suffer pain, get too hot, get too cold, and they are always perfectly rested.  We have a world not like the rat race of the here and now, but one of peace and rest beyond what we can ever imagine.  The coversation will be about the Lord we now reside eternally with and all those things we once thought were important will be laughable memories of the past.  We will be in perfect fellowship with all the saints of live, will live, and ever lived.  Angels will not be some mystical creatures, but probably our friends. 

There is one well-funded group of people telling us that Jesus returns in seven days.  With what I just talked about, why would even want to wait that long?  Some may thing that seems too soon, I think that is not soon enough.  Please Lord, come back and bring us all home. 
Nevertheless we, according to His promise, look for new heavens and a new earth in which righteousness dwells.  2 Peter 3:13 NKJV

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