Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Comfortable Prison of our Pain

Why do we hold onto our pain so tightly?  Some of us wear it as some kind of Purple Heart from the battles of life.  Some of us hide behind it thinking it as some kind of a shield.  Some of us wear it on our sleeves thinking everyone else needs to care.  All who hold onto it use it as an excuse.  We say we can not love because we have been hurt in love before.  We say we can not trust a friend because a friend has betrayed us before.  We say we can not care because we believe our ability to care has gone away.  We even do this in the church.

I know because I was  there. You see, I have been betrayed by friends. I have been horribly by Christian friends.  I know pain, and I know it hurts.  I held onto that pain for a very long time.  It defined much of how I related to other people. I kept distant, I kept quiet, and I put on faces and fronts so people who never really get to see who I was.  I was a loner alone inside my own mind and I liked it there.  I was isolated from anything called danger and the only pain I knew was that which I had gotten accustomed to. 

How wrtechedly wrong I was.  It took meeting the woman who is now my wife to see the illogical idea that pain was somehow better than happiness.  The justification is that pain keeps you from finding new pain, but then again you are always in pain.  Happiness comes with danger, but it also means you are happy.  You see pain comes with bitterness and anger towards someone who should have been forgiven some time ago.  That pain, bitterness, and anger only serve to hurt your relationship on earth and with our Father in heaven. 

Today I just want to write that pain we hold onto is not in God's will for our lives.  It affects our witness to the world and how we treat and relate to those who care about us (and yes people do care about you).  Pain is never better than happy.  The joy of the Lord is a fruit of the Holy Spirit.  You need to let the Spirit work through your lives and give you that joy you are keeping yourself from.  If you are alone in your sad thoughts, you are miserable company, even for yourself.  Let go of that pain and allow yourself to experience that thing called fellowship again.  Once you experience the joy the Lord wants to give you, you will ever wonder why you held onto pain to begin with.
For His anger [is but for] a moment, His favor [is for] life; Weeping may endure for a night, But joy [comes] in the morning. Psalm 30:5 NKJV

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