Saturday, June 4, 2011

On the Eve of My Wedding Anniversary

One year ago this day I was in final preparations for (next to accepting Jesus) the biggest day of my life.  That is the day I married my beautiful wife, Robin.  One year ago there was still much to be done this day, though things were beginning to come together.  But for anyone who has not gone through planning and preparing a wedding, all I can do is to urge you to pray as it is a massive undertaking.

I remember that hard last week before my wedding.  First there was moving.  It is amazing how much stuff you do not even realize you have when you move and what I thought would be a relatively easy job was two days of hard work.  It was also a lot more emotional than I thought it was.  I was leaving behind what was normal and home for the better part of thirty five years and it was not easy putting all that behind.  The rest of the week was no better.  There were issues with the tent company not setting up the tables and chairs and us not having the map to do it ourselves.  There were issues with the caterer and changing her plans a bit to not give us the attention she promises.  There was our DJ who was very pregnant and the concern of what would happen should she have her baby.  There was half our worship team sick with a stomach flu and unable to perform at the wedding.  There was the fact that I chose prom pick up night to pick up my tuxedo and I had to sit there for hours waiting my turn.  All of this was on top of moving in and all the normal other wedding preparations.  It was one long, hard, grueling week. 

Then came wedding day.  It is funny how on that day everything I went through the entire week before was gone.  Not only was it gone, but none of it even really mattered.  Once our worship leader began to play "O Lord You're Beautiful" heralding the beginning of the ceremony all I could think of was my wife to be.  And when her song began to play and she began to walk down the aisle, well, I can not even describe but I am sure many of you men can understand.  All the hardship, all the pain, all the stress, all the toil, all the everything was wiped away with one look at my beautiful bride coming down the aisle and the realization that this was what it was all about.  And despite any and all things that might have been done differently or what issues there may have been, all I can say is that our day was perfect.  It was not perfect because of the delicious food.  It was not perfect because the DJ ran the reception well (which it wasn't).  It was not perfect because of the children laughing and playing and parents making their own memories while Robin and I shared in ours.  It was not perfect because of the beautiful sunny weather.  And it was not perfect because of all the friends and family who worked so hard to make our day special.  No, it was perfect because Robin said "I do."

And today I was thinking about all that and I realized that is so much like our life here on earth.  We come to Jesus and leave everything behind.  We leave behind what we thought was right and normal.  We then live our lives preparing for our great wedding day when our Lord comes to make us His bride.  In this life, we have trials and tribulations, persecutions, hardships, lost relationships, physical and emotional pain, and that is just the normal stuff.  So many go through so much more than we can ever imagine.  Yes, our lives on earth are not all that easy.  The Lord promised us as much. 

One day, though, that will all come to an end.  One day we will forever be in the presence of our Lord as He becomes our groom and we begin our eternal lives together in paradise.  No matter what we may go through on earth can take away from the majesty of that day and the glory of our forever to come.  One day, no matter what you might be going through, will go through, or have gone through will matter.  As that old song says "Soon and very soon, we are going to see the King."  Amen. Because on that day nothing else will matter, nothing else ever again.
And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away. Revelation 21:4 NKJV

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