Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sacrificing Your Child on the Altar of Public Education

I had hoped that things would be back to normal today, but things are busy for this one more day.  Today I am going to give a quick refresher of a post I made around this same time last year.  This week many children are back in school and many others are beginning their college careers.  For those parents who make the choice to send their children to public school, this message is especially for you.  I can not emphasize enough the dangers you are sending your child into should you send your child to public school, but be that as it may, the choice is made and now it is up to you to mitigate the spiritual harm that is about to befall your child. 

You see, in public school, you have very little control of what your child is about to be exposed to.  Sure you can go to PTA meetings and vote people on or off of the Board of Education.  You can complain about teachers and principals.  Sometimes, you can even opt your child out of some objectionable classes.  Those are all important steps, but they are only putting up a paper shield in an attack with fiery darts.  In other words, it will do very little good.  What you can not control are those incidental things that a teacher may say or do and what you can never control are the children of other parents. 

You can take comfort in the one Christian teacher your child may have, but you can not control the fact that your child will probably also have Muslim, Hindu, Homosexual, Agnostic, and Atheistic teachers in other classes.  If that is not true this year, it will be true in other years.  And while they may not preach their false religions or fallen lifestyles, they will live and model them.  They will be examples that have your child's attention for at least five hours a week modeling at least subtly everything you do not want your child to be.  Surely your child goes to Sunday School, but one hour of Sunday School in no way negates forty hours of negative teaching. 

You may take comfort in that your school does not offer sex education or at the very least you can opt out of it.  Perhaps you take comfort in the fact that your child is not old enough for that to be a concern.  What you do not realize is that once your child leaves for public school, it is a concern. What they do not learn from teachers they will learn from their friends and other students.  As they get older they will learn these things from people who are trying to manipulate them into giving them things that should not be given.  There is almost nothing you can do about it, but the sad fact is that in a few years, they will be answering more questions about sex than they will be asking.  By then, they will "know it all" and everything you try to teach them will seem basic and meaningless compared what they learned (and in many cases experienced) with their classmates.  I am putting it bluntly, but it is the truth and one you will have to face as your children work their way through the public school system. 

In public school, your child will have to learn evolution as fact and not for the lie that it is.  Not only will they learn it as fact, but they will have to demonstrate their knowledge of that false ideology regarding our origins.  Will you tell them to take a stand for creation or will you tell that in some cases it is right to lie as they demonstrate to their teachers as fact something you have taught them was a lie?  What about homosexuality? School will teach them that it is a perfectly normal lifestyle and with the new laws regarding civil unions many of their classmates will have two mothers or two fathers.  They will be forced to acknowledge them as a moral lifestyle choice despite you teaching them otherwise.  With new bullying rules, they will have no choice but to acquiesce to the idea that homosexuality is a right choice.  In fact, they will even be taught that it is good for them too should they feel that way.  Speaking against that idea will only get your child in trouble. 

All in all what you are doing is sending your child into the world to fight a war they are incapable of even understanding let alone fighting.  The innocence of you love and cherish will be scourged by ideas of the world and all you can do to mitigate it is pray.  Please do not think I am downplaying prayer by saying it is the only thing you can do.  If anything, I am emphasizing it because you will need to wear your knees out each and every day pleading with God to shield your child from worldly influences.  Perhaps God will answer that prayer and protect your child, but many times He will not.  Many times the very fact that you have to pray for the protection of your child is a sign from God telling you that you should be sending your child elsewhere or to educate him or her yourself.  God has given parents the responsibility to bring their children up in the ways of the Lord.  You can not ignore that and expect God to reward your disobedience.  There are many Biblical principles at play here, but today I want to focus on one.  You see, no matter what you do for the few hours at night that you spend with your child or the hour you send them to Sunday school, you can not eliminate the effect of the hours and hours of worldly onslaught.  No matter what you do, there is one principle you can not get around.  I want you to take a moment and think on this verse and how it applies to your child in public schools.
Do not be deceived: "Evil company corrupts good habits."  1 Corinthians 15:33 NKJV

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