Monday, October 31, 2011

A Winter Storm Long Before Winter, A Hard Lesson on God's Timing

Once again, it is Halloween.  Last year I wrote on Halloween, but this year I am going to write on something even scarier.  I am going to write about real life.  This weekend, we learned another reason why God makes things the way that He does.  In particular, we learn another reason why trees lose their leaves in the winter time.  Right now, millions of people are without power and many trees lay in ruins because of a freak October snow storm.  Measurable snow in October is rare.  A major October snow storm is unheard of, at least until this past Saturday. 

When you combine high winds, wet sticking snow, and tree branches full of leaves for that snow to stick to, you get many downed branches.  When you get many downed branches, you get power lines being torn down, roofs being broken, cars being crushed, roads being closed, and in the worst of cases people getting killed.  If we had this kind of snow later in the year when the leaves are all off the trees, there would have not been nearly as much pressure on the trees and not nearly as much damage would have been done.  Trees lose their leaves for several important reasons, one is to protect the trees from damage and us from falling branches.  This weekend we saw what would happen if that natural protection was not in place.

For someone who loves trees, I often wondered why it was necessary for leaves to fall off of trees.  I enjoy fall foliage as much as anyone, but why does that even have to happen.  Why do certain trees need to go dormant.  I know that God can make tender leaves that can last even the harshest of colds (for example, my clumping bamboo plant, which keeps its soft green leaves all winder).  What is amazing is that trees that do keep leaves all winter where there is snow tend to have more flexible limbs allowing them to handle the weight much better than the trees that do lose their leaves.  So why do some trees lose their leaves?  Of course, my question is a little slanted because, to be honest, I absolutely hate to pick up leaves.  For those people who make a family fun day out of picking up leaves, I am happy for you.  I do not understand it, but I am glad you enjoy it.  Of course there are many reasons such as the dormancy phase protects the tree and provides natural mulch for the soil among other things.  It is beneficial for the tree for it to take that rest. 

This, of course, has meaning for our lives.  I do honestly believe that there are many lessons we can learn from nature and I think trees do teach us a lot.  You see there are times in our lives when we have to take a break from whatever we are doing to wait out hard times.  There are times when even when we are doing things God has told us to do (like move), that there is a time of dormancy in the process.  There are times when we want something from God, but God tells us to wait even though we feel we are ready at that time, for example, when praying for God to give you a child.  There are many times in our lives when God takes our leaves away, in a way, to prevent us from doing something that could be harmful to us.  Sometimes God gives us a dormancy in areas of our lives to protect us. 

What happened this weekend is a perfect example of what happens when we keep our leaves when God is telling is to go dormant.  If you are selling a home and it is not the right time, you may end up getting less money than you wanted or not having a place to go to when an offer comes in.  God said to wait it out, to pull your leaves, yet you kept them out and ended up getting hurt in the end.  Maybe God is telling you to pause your plans to move for a time.  Maybe God has not prepared the right house for you, or even the right job for you if He intends for you to stay where you are.  If you obey pull and in your leaves, then the plan God had for you will come to fruition when the waiting time is over.  If you do not obey and go ahead with things anyway, you may be left with a home and no job, a bad home, or miss a good job.  There is no telling how many things can go wrong!  As for a child, we must let God provide that in His time (and I am learning that right now).  Having a child outside the season dictated by God can also have its own consequences. 

The point I am making is that it is not enough to seek God's will for what He wants for our lives, but we must also seek His will for when He wants it. There is a season for everything, and when things happen outside their proscribed seasons, terrible consequences can occur.  I think God allows things to happen outside their normal seasons (like major snowstorms in October) to remind us of that fact.  So, please, practice patience and wait for God's timing in all those areas of your life that you want to move forward in.  Winter's dormancy never lasts forever and when it does end, we are heralded into better weather by one of the most beautiful times of the year when the world springs back to life.  It is a glorious time of new flowers, fresh leaves, chirping birds, and warmer weather.  Just as winter comes to an end with new life coming and old life growing once again, so will the winters of our lives.  Sometimes the wait seems long, but it is all in God's timing, and His timing is perfect.
To everything [there is] a season, A time for every purpose under heaven:
A time to be born, And a time to die; A time to plant, And a time to pluck [what is] planted;
A time to kill, And a time to heal; A time to break down, And a time to build up;
A time to weep, And a time to laugh; A time to mourn, And a time to dance;
A time to cast away stones, And a time to gather stones; A time to embrace, And a time to refrain from embracing;
A time to gain, And a time to lose; A time to keep, And a time to throw away;
A time to tear, And a time to sew; A time to keep silence, And a time to speak;
A time to love, And a time to hate; A time of war, And a time of peace.  Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 NKJV

Friday, October 28, 2011

Did God Spoil Joseph Prince, Or is He Just Spoiled

This weekend I heard someone say that "God loves to spoil His children."  If one were talking about grace and salvation then that person would have been completely right (with the exception of a terrible choice of words).  We have no idea of the wonder and riches that await us in our eternal home.  Unfortunately, this person was talking about earthly treasures. This particular brand of the prosperity gospel comes right from the apostate lips of the likes of Joseph Prince.  I know I have talked about this many times before, but I just can not seem to get those words out of my head.  "God spoils his children."  Really?  I wonder if people who say this even consider what the word means.  Let me help.  Here is the definition of spoil:
1. a. To impair the value or quality of. b. To damage irreparably; ruin.
2. To impair the completeness, perfection, or unity of; flaw grievously
3. To do harm to the character, nature, or attitude of by oversolicitude, overindulgence, or excessive praise.
4. Archaic a. To plunder; despoil.  b. To take by force.   (source: 
Can any of these apply to God in our lives? Has God impaired your value or quality?  Has God damaged you irreparably?  Has God impaired your perfection or completeness?  Has God harmed your character, nature, or attitude by overindulgence?  Has God taken you by force?  To say that God spoils is to you say the complete opposite of everything God is trying to do to you.  God has made you invaluable by giving up His Son for your eternal life.  God has made you complete and perfect in Christ.  God has replaced your already harmed character and nature and made you a New Creation with a new character and new nature.  And all of this is because you chose to accept that free gift of God.  God did not force you to come to Christ.  If God were into taking away our free will, He would have just made us with the inability to sin.  To say that God spoils us is to declare the opposite of everything God is doing in your life.

Of course, what these teachers are referring to is the third definition of spoil "To do harm to the character, nature, or attitude of by oversolicitude, overindulgence, or excessive praise."  Of course, they leave off the first part about doing harm and teach that spoiling is merely God giving his people riches and prosperity and living the good life here on earth.  Of course that begs the question as to why God would give us the very thing He tells us to not lay up for ourselves on earth. 
Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal; but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.  Matthew 6:19-21 NKJV
So God tells us not to hoard earthly treasures yet He gives us them?  That makes no sense at all!  Think about it, that would be like a parent telling their child not to collect baseball cards all the while that parent keeps buying them for the child.  The whole idea is ridiculous.

What you get in the end are wealthy successful pastors justifying their lavish lifestyle by teaching a doctrine that tells his followers that this is what God wants for everyone and you have envious followers who follow their leader hoping for their own piece of the pie.  You get a wealthy church lost in its own arrogance and sense of entitlement.  In that way they truly are spoiled.  What little treasure God has allowed them to collect has only resulted in the sense of entitlement.  They are spoiled children, but it was not God who spoiled them. 

I often wonder if these people have ever actually been outside of their wealthy surroundings.  I am talking to where the true meaning of poverty is a daily reality.  Have they ever been to a third world church?  Have they ever spent time with someone who has to pray just to have enough food to not starve to death.  I wonder how they would explain their wretched doctrine to them.  Would they tell them that they have a problem with their faith because God desires for them to be spoiled?   Those poor Christians have to rely on God for everything.  They put their faith in Jesus alone just to get their next meal, while the spoiled Christian is fretting about when cable will be back on because he is missing the big game.  Please, Mr. Prince, how do you explain your doctrine of prosperity to the millions of third world Christians starving and relying every day for God's provision.  Are you saying that those Christian just do not have you faith?  I mean you have a half billion dollar cultural center that you teach from, surely that means God likes you better right?  Do you even comprehend the harm your doctrine does to the morale of those struggling Christians?  Then again, I am sure Mr Prince gives "generously" to the less fortunate, I am sure that when he was done sharing his excess with those who lack he just happened to have half a billion dollars left over for his monstrosity. 

I also wonder about those Christians who are imprisoned, raped, tortured, black listed, and murdered for their faith.  It happens all over the world today, but we never see it.  Does God love them less because they do not have the favor of man?  Does their faith lack because their faith only results in terrible persecution?  I mean surely they must be doing something wrong because teachers like Mr. Prince say that they are supposed to be favored by man, successful in all that they do.  They should not be fired and black listed for their faith, they should be promoted right?  Their wives and children should not be tortured and raped, but respected and loved right?  Their men should not be imprisoned and killed but made into national heroes right?  I wonder what they think of your teaching, if they give any thought to it at all.  Personally, I doubt they fret about teachers like that because they enjoy a special fellowship of suffering with the Lord whom they love.

So why does God allow some Christians to amass such fortunes while others have nothing? There are a couple of reasons.  The first is so that they can share with those who have less. 
For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though He was rich, yet for your sakes He became poor, that you through His poverty might become rich. And in this I give advice: It is to your advantage not only to be doing what you began and were desiring to do a year ago; but now you also must complete the doing [of it]; that as [there was] a readiness to desire [it], so [there] also [may be] a completion out of what [you] have. For if there is first a willing mind, [it is] accepted according to what one has, [and] not according to what he does not have. For [I do] not [mean] that others should be eased and you burdened; but by an equality, [that] now at this time your abundance [may supply] their lack, that their abundance also may [supply] your lack--that there may be equality.  2 Corinthians 8:9-14 NKJV
Many prosperity teachers like to stop at verse 9.  They do not want to teach that their excess is given for a purpose and that purpose is to share with those who have less.  The fact is that God is allowing you to be part of His work in giving to those who lack to create an equality in the Body of Christ.  When one prosperity teacher flies around in private jets and hundreds if not thousands of third world missionaries have to beg for even a bicycle to get around, then there is no equality whatsoever.  If you are a Christian and you are rich, that money is not for you to use on yourself for wasteful things but to share with the rest of the body for needful things. 

As for the other reason, and this is where I will end today, is that they have bought into the lie of the prosperity gospel.  God has not given them this abundance though God has allowed them to attain it.  They live in their illusion that they are the spoiled children of God and live their lives as children.  I am not talking about the model of the child that Jesus provides that we are to become, but a perverted version of that model that we often call the spoiled brat.  They probably actually believe that it is through some great faith that God has given them their riches, but it is really about a weak faith that God allows to be supported by having a good collection of toys.  Having nothing but relying upon God for everything is faith.  Living in mansions drowning in your riches to where you have to rely on God for nothing is not faith at all.   Like all illusions, one day it will come to a quick and sudden end.  When they are stripped naked of every crutch they ever had, what faith will be left to hold them up?  Sadly, I believe there will be none and they will fall.  Perhaps then they will finally learn what faith is when they only have God to reach up to to pull them out from the pit they are in. 
Because you say, 'I am rich, have become wealthy, and have need of nothing'--and do not know that you are wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked-- I counsel you to buy from Me gold refined in the fire, that you may be rich; and white garments, that you may be clothed, [that] the shame of your nakedness may not be revealed; and anoint your eyes with eye salve, that you may see. As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten. Therefore be zealous and repent.  Revelation 3:17-19 NKJV

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Believe it or Not, Jesus Also Died for the Sin of Abortion

Yesterday I talked about the pro-choice movement with a special focus on those in the church who are pro-choice.  Today I am going to talk about another kind of Christian.  Today I want to talk about many of those who are involved in the pro-life movement.  I am talking about those who protest in front of abortion clinics.  Some Christians do get this part right, but many do not.  Sadly, we sometimes forget just who the enemy is and take our battles out against the doctors or those who would abort their unborn child.  That does no good in the war for our children and does nothing for the kingdom of God.  If anything, it has more of a chance of hurting the kingdom then expanding it.  If we understand who the enemy is and how to battle that enemy, we will make much more progress in the war. 
For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual [hosts] of wickedness in the heavenly [places].  Ephesians 6:12 NKJV
Our enemy is not the doctor or the woman who hires him, but the spirit behind their actions.  I am not saying that performing or having an abortion are not evil acts.  I am not saying that what they are doing are not sins that deserve eternal separation from God.  Holding signs pointing that out, though, are only stating the obvious and making a terrible situation even worse.  You see, while those acts are terrible things, we must remember the old adage to hate the sin but love the sinner.  I know that sounds difficult.  How do you love a man who spends his days killing innocent unborn babies?  How do you love the woman who is having her fourth abortion because she wants to be "free" to do what she wants and not live with any of the consequences?  How do you love those whose life work is to perpetuate that wicked system?  You do so by the power of the Holy Spirit that lives inside you.  You love them as Jesus loved and forgave the Roman guards who just scourged and humiliated him and then nailed him to a wooden cross left to die slow and painfully.  You love them just as Stephen loved and forgave those men who were about to stone him.  You love them because Christ compels you to love them.  You love them while they are the same vile miserable sinners you once were.  You know the Scriptures that we all deserve eternal separation from God.  You know the Scriptures that say that without Christ we are dead in our sins.  Now you must live it. They are where you once were and you must reach out to them with the love of Christ.

That's not what many of us do, though, is it?  We stand outside those clinics holding our signs proclaiming that what they are doing is sin (as if they do not know that already) or calling into question their character.  I mean, to hold up signs calling them something along the lines of "whore" is making a judgement based on facts you have no way of even knowing.  What you are doing is not making progress for the kingdom, but playing right into the enemy's hands.  The goal of Satan is not the abortion, but in separating that person who performs it or receives it from God.  His only interest in dead babies is that it serves his purpose of driving people further from God.  Dead babies are only a means to his true end, which is dead souls.  When we stand outside those clinics with signs and calling names, we are only serving his purpose of driving those people away from God.  Congratulations, the work you think you are doing for God is really only working to serve Satan. I know that is not your desire, I know your heart is for those babies, but you really need to evaluation your actions. 

What we have to do is not limit our outreach to just saving babies, we have to be concerned about saving souls.  In fact, the Bible never tells us to save babies, but it does tell us to preach Jesus Christ.  I am not saying that being concerned for the innocent slaughter of our unborn children is a bad thing, but I am saying that it is not the Great Commission.   In fact, that is the way to save babies.  If you want there to be a new law, there first has to be a new heart.  If you want a mother to keep her child, God has to change her.  If you want a doctor to stop performing abortions, God has to change his heart.  Standing outside with bullhorns and signs is not going to save any souls or babies.  Doctors and patients can just go elsewhere.  Babies will still be killed.  Souls will still go to Hell.  Nothing will have been accomplished except to turn people away from the cross.  If the mother to be comes to Jesus, and her heart is changed, you will have saved a baby and gained a sister.  If a doctor who performs abortions comes to Jesus, and his heart is changed, you will have saved many babies and gained a brother.  We can not express hatred, we are never called to express hatred to anyone, but we are called to love and loving them is what we must do.

That love we have for them can not just be some abstract kind of love that you just say you have because God tells you to have it.  That love has to be expressed.  Instead of holding up signs that call names and tell a sinner that she sins, why not hold out your hands with offers of prayer and to share with them the love of Jesus Christ.  Instead of giving out pictures of aborted fetuses or ultrasounds of unborn babies, why not hand out Bibles.  Instead of preaching condemnation for their actions, why not preach the forgiveness that is in Jesus Christ.  Yes abortion is a sin and it should be called a sin, but it is just as filthy and deserving of death as the sins you committed before Christ.  It is the job of the Holy Spirit to convict them of their sin, it is our job to share with them the hope that is in Jesus Christ.  And what if we fail and they go inside and have their abortion anyway?  Then we do the same thing on their way out. We may have lost a baby, but we can still gain a soul.  We must still have those same offers of prayer, we must still share the same message of grace and forgiveness.  We must let them know that Jesus still paid for that sin and that He still wants them to accept that free gift paid for by His blood.  The same applies to the doctors.  Calling them murderers only serves their hard hearts.  Trust me, if there is any hope for them, the Holy Spirit is convicting them of that already.  It is our job to share Jesus while the Holy Spirit does His job and convicts them of their sin and of the truth of what you are saying. 

What it all comes down to is conforming ourselves to God's desire that all should be saved.  It is not for us to pick and choose who should hear the Gospel and when, but to preach the Gospel always and to all.  Those women who are about to or who have committed the sin of abortion must be reached out to for Jesus.  I know I write much about righteous living in this blog, but please know that what I write about are the effects of being saved.  If not for the grace of Jesus, we may be heading into an abortion clinic ourselves, paying for one for our girlfriend, or a doctor performing one.  Never think that you are anything better than they are before Jesus. You were just as much a slave to sin as they were, and even if not the same sin, it was just as wretched before our Holy God.  Their actions reflect the reality that they are slaves to sin and in that they are slaves to their flesh and their passions.  They do not have the Holy Spirit, they are the Old Man, and they are spiritually dead.  Expecting sinners to do anything but sin is not Scriptural.  If we were able to cease from sin, then Jesus would not have had to die.  Yes, love and pray for those babies being set up for slaughter, but reach out in love to the women and doctors murdering those babies and share with the grace and love offered through Jesus Christ.  In the end, the best way to save the lives of babies is for God to save the souls of those mothers and doctors.  So while you are praying for those babies, make sure you pray for them just as earnestly.  Love the sinner, just as Jesus loved you while you were still a sinner, just as someone who loved Jesus loved you enough to share with you the hope that is in Him. 
The Lord is not slack concerning [His] promise, as some count slackness, but is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance. 2 Peter 3:9 NKJV

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Pro-Choice Christian ... What?

As hard as this may be to believe, there are many Christians who are pro-choice.  Some of them (at least per their claims to be Christian) are presidents of this country.  I have had at least on close friend who was a solid believer, ran outreaches at a local flee market every weekend, studied his Bible every day, and yet was still pro-choice (though he did ultimately repent of that wrong belief).  The arguments usually given are that while they are personally opposed to it, they do not have the right to impose their morality on another person or that you can not legislate morality.  If a Christian ever says that to you, pick up a rock, and throw it at their head (ok well maybe not).  I can guarantee they will be upset.  They may even want to attack you.  As their anger arises and they inevitably ask them why you did that with an angry tone, you then need to ask them why he is angry because while he may believe that throwing a rock at someone's head is wrong, he has no right to impose that morality upon you.  You see, it is not now nor was it ever about legislating morality or imposing a moral code onto another, it is about protecting victims.  Then again, when you think of it, the very idea that anything is a crime is legislating some kind of morality.  Otherwise, why is murder a crime?  You would say because it is wrong to take the life of another.  That is a moral judgement, and it is the result of that moral judgement that murder is wrong.  In the case of abortion, beyond the moral issue, it is about protection of the most helpless of victims.  As for the Christian, there is one law there is one law that you need to keep in mind, and it is a law that has been enforced ever since Cain and Abel.
You shall not murder.  Exodus 20:13 NKJV
It really is that simple.  This principle is embodied in just about every criminal code ever brought forth by man.  The problem with abortion is not that these Christians or that society in general believes that murder is wrong, it is really a matter of defining what life is.  Many, even in the church, do not really recognize a developing fetus as a real live human being.  We do not see them or they may not have any human-looking form yet so we write them off as something less than human and by that less than alive.  You see, your position on abortion is ultimately decided as to what you perceive that unborn life to be.  I do not know of any sensible person or even the most rabid of pro-choice activists who are pro-infanticide.  Unless someone is truly sick in the head, no one believes that killing babies is right and there are harsh laws to protect born infants against such crimes.  What this creates is a disconnect that is a real stretch in logic.  If you bash a baby's head against a wall, killing it, you are a monster.  A few months earlier, before he or she was born, and you either tear it limb from limb, suffocate it and suck out its brains, chemically burn it alive, or vacuum it out of the womb, you are a doctor. 

To those who do not consider an unborn child to be alive, I need to ask just what do you consider it to be?  You can not just call it a "clump of cells."  It is a unique individual, with genetic characteristics that will never again be seen by man.  The same DNA that convicts or exonerates a suspect in a crime is the same DNA that person had from the very first cell division.  That is how unique that "clump of cells" is.  Do you think it is a formless mass?  Again, that would be terribly wrong.  Anyone who has ever studied prenatal development knows that from the very first cell divisions, a plan is in process and a structure is in place.  It is not formless at all, but a highly organized developing human being.  Humans do not just "happen" but follow a set process developed by God and encoded in our DNA that guides our development from fertilized egg to infant and beyond.  Just as an infant is just as human as the man or women he or shy will become, so is the fetus just as human as the infant he or she will become.  In fact, whether or not that child is he or she is determined right at fertilization, so is that person's eye color, hair color, height, and every other characteristic that is determined by genetics.  If you look at your child and notice the curly blonde hair and sweet blue eyes that your daughter has or the hazel eyes, straight brown hair, and above average height your son has, those characteristics were determined back when that child was merely a fertilized egg.  If you kill that egg or any stage in between, that child standing before you now will never have come to be.  You would have killed him or her and that child will have been gone forever.  You can not replace what that child was going to become just by having a new child.  You killed that child and you and the world have been deprived of all he or she was ever going to be.  Abortion kills, there is no getting around that fact.

Finally, we have the central core of the pro-choice argument and it is the argument that gives them their name.  The argument is that a woman is free to do what she wants with her own body and that no law has the right to tell her to keep an unwanted child inside of it.  Their argument turns a living and developing human being into a parasite that is only their by choice.  The are turning the miracle of life into an undesired "side effect" of sex.  I wonder if they even understand the ramifications of their wicked logic.  Of course this same argument denies a father of any rights whatsoever regarding whether or not his son or daughter is killed.  In the end, women are allowed by law to play God in determining whether or not their child has a right to exist.  For Christians who believe in women having the choice, please understand what you are saying.  You are saying that women have the right to be a god.  You are also saying that sex is not God's means for procreation and you are denying the fact that children are not a side effect but a gift from God.  Finally, you are denying that children, even in the womb, are created by God in His image.  You are giving man the right to overrule God on the people He chooses to create.  The fact is that sex is the means by which we procreate, and it is God who creates that new life inside mothers through a process He created for that very purpose.  That is the reason that sex even exists.  Surely it is pleasurable and in that it is given as a gift to husband and wife, but please understand that its pleasures are the side effect but its purpose is to procreate.  It is the close intimate act that it is not because it happens to give husbands and wives great pleasure, but because it is the means why which God creates a new life through them. 

So the pro-choice argument is null and void.  The choice is really in whether or not to have sexual intercourse or whether or not to get married.  The choice is whether or not to submit to God in allowing Him to determine what life He chooese to create or taking it upon yourselves to think that you know better.  The fact is that if you do not choose to procreate, there will be no procreation.  If you choose to procreate, then you must be ready for what can come from such a union.  Please do not bring up the rape and incest argument.  First of all, it is a red herring argument.  If a pro-choice person asks about incest and rape, ask if they will agree to a law that outlaws all abortion except in those cases.  Their answer will betray their dishonesty in even bringing it up.  They do not care about those who have gone through such a trauma but only about exploiting their trauma to try and further their argument.  The fact is, though, that if that horrible act does result in pregnancy, we still must recognize that God had a reason for creating that life and a great blessing can come through a horrible act.  What someone intended for evil, God can turn for good.  Instead of counseling such women to hate their attacker (and I am not saying that their attacker should not be punished for his actions to to furthest extent of the law), they should be counseled to love that new life that will come from it.  Even if that child is not a blessing to her, that child can be an answer to prayers to someone who has been waiting a very long time to adopt. 

I almost forgot on argument and this is one used commonly by the pro-choice movement to get laws blocked.  They argue that any law limiting an abortion does not have a provision to allow for it if the mother's life depends on it.  First of all, this is a very rare occurance and only accounts for 2.8% of all abortions.  Furthermore, that 2.8% accounts for any and all cases where maternal "health" is at "risk."  This means that cases where it is definately life or death for the mother are extremely rare as this accounts for cases where it might be considered to possibly have any kind of ill health effect on the mother.  So what to do in those rare cases where there is a real chance that keeping the baby will kill the mother.  Quite honestly, I pray I am never in such a tough situation.  The fact is though, we must consider that keeping the baby may kill the mother but having an abortion will definately kill the baby.  The fact is that everything must be done to save both.  To kill a child to save a parent should be unthinkable.  I mean what father would not jump in front of a bullet to save his child and what mother would not pray a deadly disease upon herself if it meant saving her child.  I know this is a very grave situation,  but it is one that we must consider when we engage in sexual intercourse.  It all comes back to that choice that would prevent an unwanted child threatening the life of his or her unwilling mother.  If the mother wanted the baby, I can not imagine her making the choice to kill it, even if it meant great risk to her. 

In the end, the real failure is in our failure to recognize that unborn children are still children.  Just because you have not met the child does not give you the right to kill him or her.  Just because that child is developing inside the body of a woman, does not give the woman the right to kill it.  That is something that should have been considered before engaging in sex.  We must recognize that those children are children no matter where they are in their development.  We must recognize that just as a baby is a much of a person as an adolescent, a fetus is just as much of a person as a baby.  We can not allow anyone to play God and decide whether or not a person created by God in His image has a right to exist or not.  To think that we allow the worst kind of brutality to be performed on the most helpless and innocent among us should make us all sick to our stomachs.  The people who cry out in favor of abortions are the same kind of poeple who cried out to crucify our Lord.  You are advocating for the brutal death of someone completely innocent.  The Bible tells us to love our neighbor as we would like to be loved, we must remember that unborn babies are not just formless clumps of cells, but our neighbors, human beings created by God in the image of God and being knit together in the womb for His purposes.  If you love God and your neighbor, then there is no way you can be pro-choice because to be so is to undermine God and consent to the brutal slaughter of your neighbor.  And in that act, you not only deny your own faith, but you deny the entire Word of God itself. 
Jesus said to him, "'You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.' This is [the] first and great commandment. And [the] second [is] like it: 'You shall love your neighbor as yourself. On these two commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets."  Matthew 22:37-40 NKJV