Friday, December 9, 2011

Sometimes You Don't Need to be Still, But You Always Need to Know He is God

These past few weeks, my wife and I have been tremendously blessed by God.  This blessing has come in for the form of money that is really helping us pay down past debt.  I was thinking yesterday, as I tended to my very sore back, that this blessing is a lot of work!  Please do not get me wrong as I am not complaining, it was merely an observation.  The blessing is such that the work really is not an issue at all.  My back may disagree, but it will get over it.  Besides, it is no surprise that the flesh would even rebel against God's blessings.  I was thinking of a Scripture that we often use when desiring God to come through in a particular situation.  It is a great Scripture, but I think we sometimes take it too far.  We make the mistake of taking one experience and applying it to all situations. 
Be still, and know that I [am] God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!  Psalm 46:10 NKJV
It is great comfort those times where we can sit back and just watch God work with no finger to be lifted, but that is not always the case.  While we should always know that He is God, we are not always to be still.  Sometimes, we need to act in faith and know that He is God.  In fact, I would say that most times when God blesses us, it requires a part that we have to play in truly realizing that blessing.  In today's busy day short message, I hope to illustrate this point. 

Let me first say that the part we play in realizing God's blessings in no way earns the blessing. Again, I am not saying we work to somehow earn our blessing.  We work because the blessing is already there.  For example, the heavy lifting I did for the past couple of weeks would have been meaningless if God had not provided the items to lift.  I have no glory in what God has provided. God first offered me the blessing, then it was my choice to accept or reject that blessing. 

Thinking about the many example in Scripture of God working to bless His people, we see so many times where that faith in God resulted in action that resulted in the blessing.  God rained manna down to feed the people of Israel, but they had to go out and collect it.  God gave His people victory over Jericho, but they had to be obedient to God in marching around the city.  God gave His people many victories, but His people usually had to dress for battle and face the enemy and, no matter how great the victory given, the people were still required to collect whatever spoil God had allowed them to take.  We see some healings performed instantaneously while others required some small token act. 

The simple point I am trying to make is that most of the time, being still and knowing He is God means we are waiting for orders.  Surely we should not act until prompted to by God, but when God prompts us to act, we must move.  Most of the time waiting on God means waiting for instruction and when that instruction comes, we must act. Failure to act on God's instruction while waiting for what you are praying for to just fall in your lap will usually mean not getting that which you need or desire.  The man with the shriveled hand needed to stretch out his hand when told to by Jesus.  The man who was crippled needed to get up and take his mat to walk again.  Even when given the victory, the Israelites many times had to do the actual killing of their enemy.  If you are destitute and looking for work, it means doing the work God has provided for you. 

It all comes down to faith.  While there are times in our lives when we must have the faith to not act trusting that God will, there are many other times where faith comes in action.  Sometimes we just need to trust that God will work whatever He is calling us to do into the provision He said He was going to give us.  Sometimes that action comes after a long time of being still.  The point is that we can not take one scripture and plan our whole lives around it.  If that were the case, the Bible would be about one verse long.  The Bible is meant to be read, studied, and understood to where we incorporate the entirely of God's Word into our lives as directed by the Holy Spirit.  Personally, I do not know why sometimes the blessing seems to just fall into our laps whereas other times we need to go out and get it, but I do trust that God does know and certainly has a very good reason for it.  What I do know is there often is a lesson and always it is for the benefit of our Spiritual growth.  Sometimes, we need to learn enduring in faith, sometimes we need to learn humility, sometimes we need to learn trust, and so on.  Pray to God and wait upon His answer, but when it comes you need to act.  God may have so much to give you, if only you have the faith to go out and accept it.
For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.  James 2:26 NKJV

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