Friday, February 3, 2012

I'm Pro-Choice, No Pro-Abortion and Other Stupid Things Pro-Abortion People Say

Last week I made a post about the illogical arguments to justify the pro-abortion position.  I am taking a different approach today being that abortion is still very much in the news with the Susan B Korman foundation to withdrawing (the withdrawing from withdrawing) from their agreement to fund cancer screenings at Planned Parenthood.  I have seen so many comments repeat themselves this week from the pro-abortion camp that I think I need to point out the utter foolishness of the things that they say.  Again, this should be no surprise.  I will remind you of the Scripture I referenced last week.
The tongue of the wise uses knowledge rightly, But the mouth of fools pours forth foolishness.  Proverbs 15:2 NKJV
The first statement I have seen used a lot this past week is the "I'm not pro-abortion, I am pro-choice" position.  It is really laughably silly to even attempt to make this distinction, but many honestly believe it makes sense.  First of all, "pro-choice" is a meaningless statement.  Do they mean pro-choice when it comes to choosing a drink?  Do they mean pro-choice as in when one shops for a car?  Of course not, they are speaking of one particular choice and that is the choice to have an abortion.  Furthermore, when they say "pro choice," whose choice are they talking about?  It is not the choice of one who defends the most vulnerable and innocent among us.  It is not the father's choice.  He has no say whether or not his child lives or dies.  It is certainly not the baby's choice as I can not imagine anyone, even an unborn baby, who would choose to be torn apart limb from limb, chemically burned alive, or have its brains sucked out of his or her head.  No, they are only talking about a pregnant woman having the choice to kill her baby.  We are not talking cars and we are not talking about choosing between Coke or Pepsi, but we are talking about human lives.  By being pro-choice, you are advocating for the right of a woman to choose to kill her own unborn child.  Not only that, but you are supporting organizations that fund or carry out that murderous deed.  And so if you advocate for someone to be able to do something and directly or indirectly affect funding for such procedures, you are helping abortions happen.  If you are helping abortions happen, you can not say you are not pro-abortion.  Just because you would not kill your own children, does not mean you are not for killing children.  If you are pro-choice, you are pro-abortion. 

The next thing I have seen stated over and over is the statement that men have no right to comment on the subject.  Actually, the real truth is that men who disagree with abortion have no right to comment on the subject.  Again, this idea us utterly foolish.  That is like saying that someone without children can not be against bullying because they have no child to be bullied or to be a bully.  That is also like saying that I can not be against slavery because I can not own a slave nor I have I ever been one or owned one.  In other words, it is like saying that only slave owners can comment on the right or wrongness of slavery.  Can I ever be pregnant?  No, I can not.  But I can stand up for the babies who have no voice and no choice but to exist only with permission of the mother who carries them.  I have a right to defend what is right and speak out against wrong.  I have the right to defend the innocent victims of brutal acts against them.  Some women may think that is wrong, but God trumps their authority on whether or not I have the right to speak up for righteousness. 

Another thing I have heard repeatedly is the emotional argument regarding the hypothetical child impregnated by rape and the prospects of that child being forced the carry the baby to term.  I have heard this argument where the imaginary child is a young as 10 years old. Of course, most 10-year-olds are not even fertile, but that is besides the point, the entire argument is merely used to raise emotions and not facts or reality.  First of all, the pro-abortion movement would fight tooth and nail for the right to limit any abortion, not just ones as the result of child rape.  If someone brings up that argument I would ask them if they would then agree to outlaw all abortions except in the case of child rape.  Their true colors would be exposed and the emptiness of their argument will be revealed.  They are merely using child victims as pawns in their game, and they actually care nothing for them or their plight.  They want all abortions to be legal and so we can ignore their disingenuous emotional argument.  Not only is it disingenuous, but it is not realistic.  Only 1% of all abortions were due to rape or incest, and child rape is an even smaller portion than that.  Do not fall into the trap of defending the position of forcing a child to hold a baby to term that as the result of rape.  That is their goal.  They have to use foolish trickery because they have no real argument.

Speaking of statistics, I have even heard it said that abortion saves lives.  Once again, that is a patently absurd idea.  100% of all abortions result in death (of the baby).  Only 1% of all abortions are carried out for health reasons, where only a fraction of that 1% have an actual risk of death and only a small fraction of that number would actually result in the death of the mother.  Maybe I sound cold, but I can not see how any parent would choose their own life over the life of their child.  What would you think of a mother where if ever left with the tragic choice of deciding whether her or her child dies, the mother chooses her child to die.  We would think that she is a monster.  We would think that she was selfish.  I daresay that very very few mothers would even think of watching their child die so that they might live.  Once again, to say that a procedure that is designed to kill innocent life somehow saves lives is patently absurd.  

Finally, there was one honest comment I read that gives the true picture of the pro-abortion movement.  I am talking about one of the 98% who had an abortion for no other reason than that they did not want that child.  This person said that she did not know if she would be as successful as she was now if she did not have an abortion in college.  If that is true where her abortion "freed" her to be successful and not "tied down" to a baby, then whatever worth she has she has earned with the blood of her own innocent child.  By saying it so boldly, she is blind to how utterly selfish she is.  She represents the face of the vast majority of those who have or advocate for abortion, and that is for those who want to have sex and not live with the consequences.  She wanted to sleep around in college, but she did not want the baby.  I hope the sex was good, because it ended in the creation and subsequent death of her baby.  People who think that their lives were made better by abortion have a rude awaking in store for them when they stand before God.  Lest one accepts Jesus, the sin that led to your success in this life, will the same sin that sends you to Hell in the next life. 

Quite honestly, if someone wants sex and does not want a child, then have yourself rendered infertile.  There are procedures to make that a reality.  This way you can fornicate without having to commit murder. Of course I say that sarcastically.  Of course you will not do that just in case you decide to have a baby someday.  I also realize that any pro-abortion person who happens to read this will not be convinced.  You will still sit in your perch thinking you are advocating for women's rights while advocating for throwing babies in a blender.  That is about as brutal as an abortion is.  You call us in the pro-life movement misogynistic.  You call us self righteous.  You call us selfish.  You call us uncaring.  Call us what you will and even if they were all true, it does not change the fact that you are a murderer.  Even worse, you are a child killer.  You call evil good and good evil and you have hardened your hearts so much you do not even realize it.  I pray that Jesus breaks through that stone you have built around your heart.  That is your only hope and the only hope of the millions of babies sacrificed on the alter of fornication and irresponsibility. 
Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!  Isaiah 5:20 NKJV

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  1. Keep talking! I'm writing a pro-life report right now, you gave me a ton of help and good things to work with!