Wednesday, June 27, 2012

You Will Never Be Younger Than You Are Right Now

I heard someone on the radio say this past week that we will never be younger than we are right now.  It kind of struck me a little.  He was not a Christian and was not speaking in Christian terms.  In fact, he was speaking in terms of revelry more than likely.  However, it was a very true statement.   Our time on earth is but a flash and it is counted by a clock that begins counting down at birth and never changes that reverse direction until it reaches our final moment.  We can never get back the time we had nor can we get any more time.  What time we have, we have, and we must make the most of whatever time is allotted to our existence on earth.

The point I am making is that time is our most precious possession.  We can never get more than we have, we are constantly losing it, and you never know how much is left.  Wasting time is worse than wasting anything else.  You can make more money, you can replace things you lose, you can usually work yourself back into good health, but time is different.  Time ticks on at a constant rate.  We can now slow it, we can not hasten it, we can not give it away, we can not get any more.  We have what we have and it is on us to use it wisely. 

I am not going to go off one some grand theological argument as to what it means to waste time.  What is a waste of time for one person is good use of time for another.  What it does mean, in simple terms, is spending time outside the will of God.  If you are in sin, you are wasting time.  If you are not doing what God has asked you to do, you are wasting time.  If you are working against the will of God, you are wasting time.  If you are not in Christ, you are wasting time.  It really is that plain and simple.  Making good use of our time means giving that time to God and allowing Him to direct our steps.  God has a plan for your life and seeking out and living that plan is always the best use of your time. 

There are times, however, when we seemingly have no choice but to waste time.  This can happen if you are sick or injured and can not get up and around.  These times, it seems as though time moves on without us or our participation, and they seem like days lost to us.  There are other things in life like waiting in a long line or being stuck in traffic.  Personally, I struggle with both of those things.  For me, nothing seems more like wasting time then spending that time in traffic.  Those times it is not about us not wasting time, but finding the best way to not let lost time slip away.  In other words, we must make the most when there does not seem like there is much to be made.  Being sick is a wonderful time to pray or catch up on some Bible reading.  Spending time in traffic is also a good time to pray or just have some conversation with God that you have been putting off for too much time.  If you are with someone, try to spend that time just enjoying each others company.  These are lessons for myself just as much if not more than anyone else.  Traffic, airplane delays, and the like are wonderful times to be stuck with a nonbeliever.  They can't get away! 

Each moment we live is one less moment we have left to live.  There is no stopping the relentless ticking away of life's clock.  It was set by God and known only to Him.  You can not go back and fix something you did wrong and you can not move forward to try and predict what might happen.  All you can do is live today for God and trust Him to worry about the rest.  Seek Him, seek His plan for your life, and give that most precious possession you have to Him.  Giving what time you have to God is never a waste of time, but each moment of time we hold back for our own pleasure is a moment lost forever.  You will never regret giving your time to God, but take it from someone who has squandered more time than he would like to admit, you will regret what you lost knowing you will never ever get it back. 
See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil. Therefore do not be unwise, but understand what the will of the Lord [is].  Ephesians 5:15-17 NKJV

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