Thursday, September 6, 2012

Lipstick Doesn't Make a Pig Pretty

Its funny how we try to lighten our sin by using euphemisms to describe it.  Perhaps it makes us feel a little better or helps us talk about something to make it more palatable to others, but it does not really change what it is.  Evil is evil no matter what someone may try to call it, but yet many convince themselves and others that what they stand for is actually good. 
Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!  Isaiah 5:20 NKJV
I think one of the the greatest examples of this is abortion and that is what I will use as my example today.  The word "abortion" is a euphemism in and of itself, but even that is rarely used today.  I can abort my ride to work by turning around and no babies are killed.  In war, missions are aborted all the time.  Abortion, in an of itself, is a nonspecific general term.  Even so, it is avoided by those who champion its legalization.  They used to say (rather than abortion) pro-choice.  But, once again, choice is a meaningless term in an of itself.  I chose a sandwich today for breakfast.  I chose this topic to write on today.  Does that mean I am pro choice?  Hardly.  The "choice" they are talking about is whether or not a mother is allowed to decide to have an abortion.  They won't say pro-abortion-choice.  They just say pro-choice.  Or at least they used to.  Now they now call it something along the lines of reproductive rights.  Once again, this term is general and meaningless.  Women have every right (as do men) of whether or whether not to have sex.  Women and men also have the right to reproduce as many times that they want.  The "right" they speak of is a right to make the choice to abort the consequence of that decision to have sex.  In other words, they do not want reproductive rights, but the right to end reproduction once it happens.  I wonder if they consider the reproductive rights of the unborn child?  And, finally, they are now calling it a right to women's healthcare.  First of all, no one has a right to healthcare.  Secondly, it is not even healthcare they are after.  A baby is not a disease.  A baby, born or not, is a baby.  Healthcare is how to keep that baby and mother healthy.  To call a brutal death of an unborn child "healthcare" is beyond laughable, that is if there can be anything laughable about baby killing. 

The fact is that for all the flowery words trying to attain some moral high ground, they can not hide the wretched filthy murderous act they are championing.  Healthcare, reproductive rights, choice, and abortion are words and phrases meant to avoid saying what they really mean.  What they really mean is that they want mothers to have the right to kill their unborn child out of convenience.  Seriously, when confronting someone from that viewpoint, make them say it.  If they say healthcare, ask them what kind.  If they say reproductive rights, ask them what rights specifically.  If they say choice, ask them what they want to choose.  If they are bold enough to say abortion, ask them what they are aborting.  Make them say it, make them admit that they want the wanton slaughter of unborn children merely because the mother does not want to be pregnant.

Of course its usually easy to be against the wanton slaughter of unborn children.  I say usually because I see some Christians standing for that right.  Shame on them really.  But many of us are guilty of this very same thing to some extent.  We call sex before marriage "making love" when really is a fornication and nothing about love (except love of self).  Some say they "want to be happy" instead of admitting that they are seeking out adultery.  Some say they are just having fun instead of just saying they are abusing alcohol and shaming their Lord and ruining their witness.  The world is full of colorful euphemisms for things even accepted in the church.   I wonder sometimes if we would sin so much if we would call things for what they are.  We would call pornography and inappropriate relationships adultery.  We we call sex before marriage fornication.   We would call drunkenness as sin.  It is easy for us to judge the unsaved world for its wretched sin, but we certainly can not do the same thing as the world and try to make our sin look better by using euphemisms to describe it.  For example, unrighteous mammon does not become "blessing" or "prosperity" just because you are a Christian.  Greed is greed no matter where your heart stands with Jesus.  We must be honest with ourselves and look to clean up our own houses.  We must call things for what they are and deal with them.  After all, judgement does not begin in the world. 
For the time [has come] for judgment to begin at the house of God; and if [it begins] with us first, what will [be] the end of those who do not obey the gospel of God?  1 Peter 4:17 NKJV

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