Thursday, January 3, 2013

Finding Comfort in Atheism and Other Fairy Tales

Shortly after the tragic shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, CNN published an opinion piece from an atheist questioning why so many people turn to God in such tragedies and bemoaning the fact that people do not see the value in atheism at such times.  The piece was supposed to be serious, but its more in line with the genre of a tragic comedy and becomes a perfect illustration of a Bible verse we have all heard.

To the Chief Musician. [A Psalm] of David. The fool has said in his heart, "[There is] no God."  Psalm 14:1a NKJV

It's really interesting to hear an atheist complain about anyone "choosing" to do anything.  If there is no kind of god and if we only a product of chemical reactions that we call "life" then there is no such thing is true sentience.  We are only computers acting in response to stimuli the way we our brains were randomly programmed to react.  Free choice is merely an illusion that our brains believe we have, but even that concept has severe logical implications.  For an atheist to be right in that there is no God, then the response of people to cling to God is merely a evolved set of programming we have no choice but to follow.  In other words, people are clinging to God not because they choose to but because that is how people evolved.  We evolved into a species that seeks after a higher being.  The atheist is basically complaining to a process they revere but has no self-awareness to care about their complaints.  They say that we pray to nothing because they do not believe in God, but they complain to a power that actually is nothing, just a process, and one they do not control or understand. 

It is also interesting to hear about an atheist talk about the act of the shooter as being "evil."  To the atheist, I ask "What is evil to you?"  I have asked that question before and the best answer I have received is something to the effect of doing no harm to others.  By and large, though, "others" is defined as humans.   Considering their is no intrinsic value in being human (other than a higher place on the evolutionary scale), I do not see how they can make that assertion without implying some kind of higher power over humanity.  What is the difference between slaughtering twenty cows or twenty children?  Do cows feel less pain?  Are they any less harmed?  Of course cows do not have parents and family to grieve their deaths so perhaps doing no harm is more about emotional pain than physical pain.  This again has a logical issue in that emotion, to the atheist, is just an evolutionary byproduct.  It is merely a chemical response to a stimuli.  It is nothing "real" and entirely illogical.  Of course then what if the shooter was equally grieved allowing those children to live?  With no superseding authority, who is to weigh the emotional pain of one over another?  The fact is that in atheism there can be no such thing as good and evil because there is no authority over humanity to define universal rules.  A murderer is just a murderer just because of a random set of genetic mutations and life circumstances.  They are not evil because they posses no ability to choose evil, they just are, just like the rest of us. 

And, finally, there is the point of how people can turn to atheism for comfort.  I saved this one for last because this one really sums up the rest. There is no comfort in atheism because their is no hope in atheism.  There is no "better place" for the children to have gone.  There is no hope of parents ever seeing their children again.  Their children no lover even exist.  What they once were is now just a pile of rotting flesh.  Then again, they were not much to begin with.  In the atheistic world, the only reason parents feel any affinity for their children is because over millions of years parents who took care of children had children who survived into adulthood. That gene was passed on and the genes of parents who hated or killed their children slowly diminished. Such is death for the atheist.  Perhaps it is better than Hell, but for me the idea of all that I am as a person merely ceases to exist at some point brings no comfort.  It makes life pointless, just a certain number of days to grow as a person then merely cease to exist.  There is no comfort in atheism.  There is only a reality where grief is illogical and the deaths of those children were just as pointless as their lives.  That is atheism. 

Honestly, I feel sorry for atheists.  More accurately, I feel sorry for those who pretend to be atheists.  I really do not believe that many atheists are actually atheists.  It is not that they do not believe in God, it is that they do not want to believe in God or that they hate the very fact that there is a God.  This is evident in their vitriol in all things about God.  They do not merely try to disprove God, but they try to make people hate God.  It is amazing how much energy they expend in making people hate what they believe to be imaginary.   I can see why they are so bitter.  They exist in a self-defeating system of beliefs.  They claim to be better and smarter than others who believe in God, but their very belief system negates that they ever even had a choice in what their beliefs would ever be to begin with.  They call themselves "free thinkers" when in reality there is nothing free about their thinking.  There is no true sentience or consciousness, just a cruel illusion based on some set of chemical reactions due to billions of years worth of errors and what they are is merely a culmination of mistakes destined to live as genetically programmed.  The only truly free thinkers are those who put their faith in God.  With God, we have a soul.  With God, we have free will and a choice whether or not we believe in God.  With God we have hope and purpose.  With God, what we are is not just an illusion but real.  One day they will face the God they malign and they will learn a tragic truth.  For all their hate, for all their arguing, for all their persecution, and for all those foolish things they have said, Jesus still died for them.  Sadly, they never chose to consider that gift.  Sadly, their illusion will become their eternal reality.  In this world, they tried to convince everyone that there is no God.  In the next, they will live in a world where there really is no God and they will truly learn what it is to live in a place separated from God. 

These shall be punished with everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord and from the glory of His power,  1 Thessalonians 1:9 NKJV

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